Main Screen


[Add…]: Add new family.

[Details]: View/Update Family details.

[Family]: View/Update Family members.

[Visits]: Visits database screen.

[Comp.]: Companion Contact Information.

[Coord.]: Home Teaching Coordinator Contact Information Screen.

[Delete!]: Remove family from list.

[Done]: Exit HVTracker

            *Note: Password protection is set on exit. If you turn off your palm while still in the program it will not be password protected.

*Phone number is displayed on main screen below family list.

*Number of days left in the month is also displayed on main screen below the list.



Add Family



Surname: Family’s last name.

Phone: Phone number(s)

Address: Address

Notes: Any notes relating to family.

[Add]: Add family and go to Family Members Screen.

[Cancel]: Returns to main screen without saving family information screen.



Family Members Screen



Father: Father’s name

Mother: Mother’s name

Children: Children’s name(s)

[OK/Update]: Save information and return to main screen.

[Cancel/Home]: Return to main screen without saving information.

*Birth dates or other notes (i.e. How to pronounce name) can be added next to names.

*Family’s name is listed at the top of the screen.



View/Edit Family Details Screen


*All fields the same as “Add Family” Screen. Used for viewing/updating family information.

[Family Members…]: takes you to the “Family Members” screen.

[Cancel]: Return to main screen without saving changes.

[Update]: Saves information and returns to main screen.



Family Visits Database Screen


*Family name listed at top of screen.

[New]: Add new visit record. Prompts for Visit date and time.

[View]: View selected visit record.

[Delete]: Remove selected visit record.

[Done]: Returns to main screen.



Visit Date


Standard Palm date screen to select appointment date.



Visit Time


Standard Palm time screen to select appointment time.

*Note: Only the start time is saved.  You do not need to enter correct end time.



Visit Notes Screen



Date: Can click on date to change.

Time: Can click on time to change.

Notes: Any notes from visit.

[OK]: Saves information and returns to “Visits” screen.

[Cancel]: Returns to “Visits” screen without saving changes.

[Export to Memo]: Export notes to new Memo.

*Copy and paste abilities on menu bar





Companion Contact Info Screen



First: Companion’s first name.

Last: Companion’s last name.

Phone: Companion’s phone number(s).

Notes: Any notes relating to companion.

[OK]: Save changes and return to main screen.

[Cancel]: Return to main screen without saving changes.



Home/Visiting Teaching Coordinator Contact Info Screen


*Same fields as “Companion Contact Info” screen.



Main Menu Options


[Register]: Program registration screen.

[Secure Data]: Prompts to select a password to keep information confidential.

[About]: Program information.



Register Screen


User Name: Your HotSync ID.

Registration Number: Correct Registration number unlocks HVTracker to add multiple families.

[Register]: Checks Registration number with HotSync ID to verify. Unlocks if correct.

[Not Now]: Returns to main screen.



Secure Data Options


*You can select one of two methods to secure your information.

[Date]: Prompts for date twice to select a password date you must enter each time you enter HVTracker.

[Password]: Take you to “Secure Data with Password” screen.

            *Password can be deleted in this screen.

[Cancel]: Returns to main screen.



Secure Data with Date


Standard Palm Select date screen to set password date.



Secure Data with Password



Password: Enter unique password.

Confirm: Enter password again to confirm.

[Set]: Verifies password and confirmation match and sets password. Returns to main screen.

[Cancel]: Returns to main screen without saving password.

[Clear Password]: Clears password (or date) so that data is no longer password protected.



About Screen


[OK]: Returns to main screen.



Enter Password Screen


Password: Your selected unique password.

            *Note: If you happen to forget your password date you will need to delete program and reinstall. All family information will be lost.

[Cancel]: Exit to Palm Desktop.

[Enter]: Verifies password.


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