Main Screen




Select District popup: Selects Districts, Enables Supervisor popup and [Update Changes] button.

Supervisor popup: Selects Supervisor and displays Supervisor contact information.

Phone field: Supervisor’s phone number

Address field: Supervisor’s address.

Notes field: Notes pertaining to Supervisor/District.

[Update Changes]: Assigns Supervisor to district, saves Supervisor contact information.

[Companionships]: Takes you to Companionship Screen (Does not save any changes to Supervisor or District information).



Secure Data: Sets pass date for security.

Unsecure Data: Allows you to remove the pass date.

Register: Opens the registration screen to register HVTCoordinator.

About HVTC: Opens About Screen.



Companionships Screen



District popup: Changes District.

Companionships list: Select companionship.

[New]: Add new companionship to this district.

[Edit]: Edit selected companionship or change companionship’s district.

[Delete]: Remove companionship permanently.

[Phone]: Displays companionships’ phone numbers (If there are three people in a companionship, only the first two will display).

[Families]: Add/Edit Families assigned to selected companionship.

[Visits]: View/Update Visit history of Families assigned to companionship.

[Districts]: Open Main (District) screen.



Teachers Screen




Unassigned/All Teachers list: Show either all unassigned Teachers or all Teachers that do not belong to current companionship.

District popup: Change current District assignment

Companionship list: Show Teachers in current companionship.

[<]: Un-assign selected Teacher.

[>]: Assign selected Teacher.

[<<]: Un-assign all teachers in companionship.

[New Teacher]: Opens Add New Teacher screen.

[Edit Teacher]: Opens Edit Teacher screen.

[Remove Teacher]: Deletes selected Teacher record permanently.

[Create Companionship]: Creates new companionship and returns to Companionship screen.

[Save Companionship]: (Display if is Edit Companionship mode) Saves changes made to companionship and returns to Companionship screen.

[Cancel]: Returns to Companionship screen without saving any changes.



Show All Teachers: Displays all Teachers in Teacher list box.

Show Unassigned Teachers: Displays only Teachers that have not been assigned to a companionship.

Sort By Last Name: Sorts Teacher list box in alphabetical order (The Palm search order places all letter in CAPS before those in lower case).



Add/Edit Teacher Screen



Last field: Teacher’s last name.

First field: Teacher’s first name.

Phone field: Teacher’s phone number.

Address field: Teacher’s address.

Note field: Notes concerning Teacher.

[OK]: Saves Teacher information and returns to Teachers screen.

[Cancel]: Returns to Teachers screen without saving information.



Families Screen




Not Assigned/All Families list: Displays either all families not assigned to any companionship or all families not assigned to current companionship.

Assigned list: Displays families assigned to current companionship.

[>]: Assign family to companionship.

[<]: Un-assign family.

[<<]: Un-assign all families.

[i]: Information – Displays Family name and family members in a popup box.

[Add]: Open Add New Family Screen.

[Edit]: Opens Edit Family Screen to edit selected family.

[Delete]: Permanently removes selected family.

[OK]: Saves families to companionship and returns to Companionship screen.

[Cancel]: Returns to companionship screen without saving changes.



Show All Families: Displays all families not assigned to current companionship.

Show Unassigned Families: Displays families not assigned to any companionships.

Sort Families By Last Name: Sorts Families in left list box by alphabetical order (The Palm search order places all letter in CAPS before those in lower case).



Add/Edit Family Screen




Surname field: Family’s last name.

Phone field: Family’s phone number.

Address field: Family’s address.

Notes field: Notes concerning family.

[Family Members…]: Opens Family Members screen (does not save any changes made).

[OK]: Saves changes and opens Family Members screen.

[Cancel]: Returns to Family screen without saving changes.



Remove From Companionship: Removes family from its current companionship.



Family Members Screen



Father field: Family’s father, or if single male, enter name here. *

Mother field: Family’s mother, or if single female, enter name here. *

Children field: Children in family. *

* Note: You may enter other information besides names such as age or birth dates.

[OK]: Saves changes and returns to Families screen.

[Cancel]: Returns to Families screen without saving changes.



Visits Screen




Month popup: Change visit month. Most current month is listed at the top.

Family list: Lists Families assigned to companionship and displays visit status for selected month.

[Cancel]: Returns to Companionships screen without saving information

[OK]: Saves information and returns to Companionships screen.

[HT] selection: Home Teaching Mode – Tapping on a family will alternate between [V] (Visited) and [-] (Not Visited).

[VT] selection: Visiting Teaching Mode – Tapping on a family will alternate between [-] (Not visited or contacted), [V] (Visited), [C] (Contacted, Called/Phoned), and [L] (Letter or Note).

[History] selection: Tapping on a family will retrieve a years worth of visit information and display a report in a popup box.



Codes…: Shows definitions of visit codes in a popup box.

Purge…: Deletes records over a year to free up a small amount of memory (You most likely will not be able to see a change in memory after doing this, but it does free a small amount and should be don’t about once a year).


Register Screen



HotSync ID field: Displays your Palm’s HotSync ID. This field cannot be edited.

Registration Number field: Enter you registration number here.

[Register]: Checks to verify registration number matches HotSync ID. If registration number is correct, saves information.

[Not Now]: Returns to main screen without saving changes.



About Screen


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